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My name is Chase Kimball, and this is my weight loss / fitness journey. When I was between forty-two and forty-three years old, I had gained fifty pounds over the previous ten years. My clothes were not fitting me anymore, but I didn’t want to buy larger sizes. I went to Rio De Janeiro for work and noticed many sixty- and seventy-year-old men wearing speedo swimsuits. Most of them had big stomachs, and I swore I would never look like that, at their age. One day, a few months later, I was in my bathroom, after a shower, with a towel around my waist. I turned sideways, and in the mirror, realized I was forming a belly, and was starting to look like some of those men I saw in Rio. That was the turning point. I weighed about 250lbs and decided to get back to 190 lbs.


I bought a cheap $250 bike at Costco and started riding in the morning before work. I first went around the block before I became winded. I then went two blocks and started riding further each day. I also purchased a jump rope and started jump roping. Within one year I had lost my weight and made it to 195lbs. Though my goal was 190lbs, at 195lbs, I fit in my old pant size and didn’t feel a need to lose any more weight, without looking too thin and gaunt in the face.

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Beetroot Salad

Cutting Out Snacks 

Over the last 15 years I have kept up with exercising five to six days a week. I turned sixty last year, and realized that as I become older, exercise and nutrition is even more important.


I lost my weight by cutting out snacking. I started eating more vegetables and fruits. I also quit the French fries and fried foods all together. I eventually became a Certified Personal Trainer from the “National Association of Sports Medicine,” (NASM).

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Keep regular doctors' checkups 

About six years ago, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and had my prostrate removed. I wasn’t allowed to do any weight bearing exercises for six weeks. As soon as I could, I started with light jogging, and using light weights with 5lb and 8lb medicine balls to throw around. We live close to a soccer field, so I started exercising at the park and running lengths of the park. Eventually, as I felt better, I added sprints.



I noticed that even though I hadn’t exercised for six weeks, my years of exercising helped me recover quicker than if I hadn’t exercised previously. I really enjoy the feeling from exerting a lot of energy and being tired afterward. I like being able to have good mobility at my age and hope to continue to have similar mobility in years to come.

As I grow older, I look at people my age, and notice how many of them have larger waistlines. While, on YouTube, there are older age people still exercising, and being active, there are still many of them who feel as if their bodies are on a downward spiral, and they cannot do much about it. While our bodies age, I do believe, age shouldn’t be a factor in working out and improve ourselves physically. For this reason, I desire to help inspire and motivate those who are getting older and feeling a little more fragile.

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